A sprawling adventure full of puzzles, peril, and really weird goblins!


  • Over 4 levels!
  • At least 4 bosses!
  • Cute goblins!
  • Basketball?!


  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump
  • Shift (or right click) to dash
  • Left click to fire lasso towards cursor


Garuda Ramuda - Art, Programming, Boss design, Level design

KP - Programming, Sound, Music, Level design

Noah Ataya - Additional assets

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip somewhere and run the game!




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Very nice game, and very clean graphics, well made!

I find a bit tough, mouse, space AND WASD at the same time, but that might be just me :)

pretty damn cool! i only wish there was an indicator of "THIS IS THE END" at the "final" level.

(1 edit)

Uh oh, the game actually does have an ending, but for whatever reason it doesn't show here. That sucks. I'll update the build shortly.

aww :( damn you, buggy html5 builds